YouTube Popularity and Brands

YouTube Popularity and Brands: One of my friend today asked on his Facebook page – “YouTube has huge popularity in India but does it meets requirements of brands?”

Yes, that’s right that YouTube is very popular in India but the truth is that brands (or rather marketers) have yet not started using it for their advantages. I have asked plenty numbers of FMCG Marketers in last 1 and half years on their opinion about the usage of YouTube. Most of the marketers never came up with the thought of owning brand-centric or around it, video content.

Sadly and surprisingly most of the marketers I met, sees the YouTube as TV, where in they are able to control brand content and also continue with their disruptive TV like advertising by inserting on the the whatever content their target user watching.

Also, almost all the marketers are still very nervous on user generated content both in the form of text and video. And the idea of user generated video or text content doesn’t appeal to them and they are too concerned about negative content or word of mouth around the brands and not willing to show enough boldness to face “Consumer is King” era.

There is hardly any video content on the brand owned websites or YouTube channels and currently, there is no firmed up thinking among the YTmost of the FMCG marketers in India. Unwillingness and non-committal attitudes of brand custodians, clubbed with restrictive digital budgets for the generation of video content is making the situation tough for brands of India and to get ready for video revolution which will take place on YouTube. Only a handful of Brand Managers have started looking at Video content but largely due to global directives and not because of there own convinced or conceived thinking.

So YouTube certainly meets the requirements of brands but we must realise that it’s a platform and its brand custodian’s responsibility to explore the possibilities for them using YouTube resources and not the other way. It’s brand managers who have to look at You Tube as a medium where they offer a wide range of video content around their brand for their current and future consumers. Also, the brand should encourage consumers to generate video content around brand experiences which works as consumer testimonials for their brands. This will not only build credibility around the brand but help non brand users to try out the products.

I guess the correct question could have been – “YouTube has huge popularity in India but are Brands or marketers ready for it?”

By Sanjeev Singhai.

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