Recently I was asked on Quora a question which was actually on “When the advertising creative didn’t worked?” Question was as following:

What are the classic examples when the marketing employed was creative but didn’t convey the right value to consumers resulting the product failure? I’m trying to prove that just being creative in marketing doesn’t help. Understanding the market and STP also counts

Sharing my answer below:

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Yes, creative idea alone can never ensure success of the product. History is filled with such examples of very popular advertisement of their times which failed to drive enough sales for the best of the companies or brands. Great Ogilvy wrote a book which has hundreds of such examples.

Recent study released by Nielsen shows that 30% of Media Spent was waste in India and that echoes your point. This has two basic reasons behind it – 1) Advertisement Creative was bad 2) Consumers don’t trust advertising any more.

I have been facing this question for last 8 years everyday as TV Advertising which I creat is known to drive sales and have created more than 155 TVCs for top FMCG MNC and Indian brands. I live deep in this conflict world and my client every now and than come to me to add sales effectiveness to their marketing mix.

To analyse campaign success one need to first decide that what standards of measuring advertising effectiveness one is going to adopt?

In today’s world, advertising has migrated from where it started. Originally advertising was created to drive the sales of the products. But as advertising evolved and moved in creative or brand space, it also moved away from the basic purpose why it was created.

Today, most popular and wider used advertising effectiveness measuring tools are around the brand recall by measuring Consumer Index (CI), which I believe is very soft measuring tool. Advertising Agencies just love these tool as it doesn’t fix their responsibilities. If advertisement created by them fail to drive the sales, it allows them to say “my advertisement was remembered by consumers and there was enough recall.” It’s always easier to blame others. To be accountable is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So my advise to you will be that go for sales parameters to measure success of your creative.

Sometime back I wrote a blog which resounds your point:

What are the classic examples when the marketing employed was creative but didn’t convey the right value to consumers resulting the produ…

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