A member on Linkedin posted the below Question for answers by other members, because he did not got a Digital Award and in his opinion valuation of his candidature was not fair. I found answer of his question in “What is Social Media Advertising?” His question was:

“Do you think Digital Awards should be created by Conventional Marketers/ Agencies and also judged by the?

My answer to him was below:

Vivek, you have placed Pin at the right point. I will not get involved in who should give awards debate, but here are three tweets which I made yesterday on @SanjeevRC

(1) On Social media brand messages don’t have to be so deliberate and transactional. Change your old way of looking at your brand.

(2) Nuances are in reiterating brand strengths versus trying to sell them something. Change creative in terms of the social interest in brands.

(3) Social media is Philosophy and is not advertising. Understand your brands beyond creativity to communicate with Consumers.

For me Digital has two parts:

(a) Traditional Interruption based advertising – which will cover Banner & Word ads, Streaming of TVC on Web etc. This the space where advertising agency fit in, in terms of designing of the display material and releasing or placing them where the Brand TG is available.

(b) To me Social Media is not about the creativity and not about traditional Advertising Agency job. Social Media is about communicating and sharing information around the brand with the consumer. This in turn will help influencing the consumer’s purchase decision due to reliability and service around attached with a brand. For me this is job of Brand Custodians. And this the area where advertising agency think tanks need to equip themselves.

In my opinion non of the advertising agency is yet equipped with the expertise to do so. Advertising agencies need to look beyond Facebook Likes, Banner & Word ads or Streaming of TVC on Internet.

Hope this clarifies the reasons behind your experience.

Also I think, the above answer sums up that “What is Social Media Advertising?”

By Sanjeev Singhai

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