Types of Clients

In my 26 years long sales career, meeting people has always been way of life for me. But one doesn’t remember most of the people one meets. Only few are remembered once they are gone. I met one such person whom I am not going to forget for quite a while. He is surely was one of the unique client I have met so far. And meeting him forced me to prepare my list of “Types of Client,” so here it goes:

1. Mr. Cold: These types of clients some how agree to meet you, but when you meet them they don’t even open their mouth, remain silent in the meeting and they utter not even single word. They quietly hears you, never expresses their views or asks question. At the end of the meeting maximum they will say: we will get back to you or thanks. You leave meeting unsure about any thing to conclude.

2. Mr. Energy: they come like a storm in the meeting. They warmly welcomes you and are in lean forward mode. Always nodding and smile during the meeting. At the end of the meeting they warmly see you off. They are willing to work with you and take instant decision.

3. Mr. Disinterested: These types of clients have no time for you. They never respond to your calls or mails. You keep on wondering why they have hired you or why you are working for them. They are never involved and never put their efforts in working with you.

4. Mr. I Know All: First thing such clients make clear to you when you meet them is that they know everything and that you should not act smart with them. Such clients are very demanding and has a clear expectation from you and do not like you to coin new ideas or tell where they are not right.

5. Mr. I Like It: typesThese are smiling Assassins. The moment you meet these type of people you fall in love them. Through out the meeting they are smiling and agreeing to you. You think that you had a cracking meeting with them but after few days you realise that you are being killed and have no business from them.

6. Mr. Money Matters to Me: “How much it cost?” or “Your products of too expensive” or “I don’t have money/ budgets.” If you hear any of these line in the first 2 minutes of the meeting, you are dealing with a client who only look for value for money and you will only get order if you can showcase him value. Give them a deal and they are yours.

7. Mr. Yes Boss: These are the most useless client as they never take a decision and always goes back to their boss for consulting, approval or final decisions.

I would love you all to add more types of clients to the above list. Please feel free to write and comment.

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  1. Aravind Gogineni

    That’s a great consolidation and i can completely relate…Sanjeev. How did you handle some tough cases like Mr. Cold,Mr. Disinterested,Mr. I Like It? Any tips?

    1. Sanjeev Singhai

      Aravind, what learnt in my long career that if there is a need everyone
      buys from you only thing buying process changes slightly and salesman
      need to be adopt different approaches. This usually happens in B2B
      selling environment. I always say… people like to deal with the people
      they like.

      1. Aravind Gogineni

        “people like to deal with the peoplethey like.” – So try and be likeable to all types of clients.

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