Two Percent Rule

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Choice is ours that what we want to be in our one life? This world is ruled/ lead by the 2 Percent people. These 2 Percent people are the politicians, top bureaucrats, businessman, senior executives of large corporations and even mafia dons, gangsters and many more people who are in similar positions of power. What makes these people different is that these people are the best in their field’s and has worked hard to be in the current position and have passionately followed their dreams through out their life (even in the case of mafia dons). These people achieved, what they wanted for themselves.

We too need to arrive on this clarity at early stage of our life or career and decide that where we want to be? Whether we want to be in the 2 Percent people, who rule this world or we want to be part of balance 98% population? If you decide in favor of the first, than you must passionately work to achieve your dreams. You get nothing in this world for free and hence you have to slog to improve yourself. You would also be needed to work hard to change natural built of your personality. Changing personality may take many years and before it starts showing some positive effect/ impact on our career or life, so work on it patiently.

Achieving our dreams, calls for hard work, timely assessment of our own abilities & short comings and always exploring potential of our natural personality and instincts. We must acquire new skills in each phase of our growth of career or as we move on in our life. We must learn to manage our short comings and try getting rid of them with due course of time.

It is important to mention here that one need to be focused and should be able to work year after year without loosing the sight of their dreams. Love your dreams, work hard, be passionate about them, keep growing yourself and one day you will have what ever you wish from your life.

I call it – 2 Percent Rule. So make your choice today, whether you want to be one of the 2 percent Privileged ones or balance 98 percent population. It’s never late for any start, act now.


Sanjeev Singhai: 10/02/2011.

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