Two Friends: Anger and Ego

By Sanjeev Singhai.

I posted on twitter today evening (now yesterday):”Why anger and ego are close friends? Any answers?”

I got only one answer from Anmol, that too on my Linkedin page (as my twitter is linked with it). He sent answer: “they come naturally with the influence of power…..they take away your down to earthiness…. humans should try to neutralize their achievements and failures together.”

Ego and anger are interconnected. These two emotions are very destructive. I encounter it daily and I struggle with it many times. I think ego is the source of many problems in our lives. The “I” drives the ego.  Anger makes one take unwise decisions, say hard words, destroys relationships and take undesired actions that we may regret later.  Ego also starts with one’s belief of being right. My opinion is that ego and anger are part of our live and we cannot avoid them.

Realising that I am Angry is first step to handle both.

But to handle both effectively, we must allow a positive energies to flow in; there is more love to be found in our one life. And this was my way to say sorry to people with whom I landed in unnecessary argument. Sorry guys.


Sanjeev Singhai: 24/02/2011.


  1. Manisha

    I have learnt that there are only two and fear…and all others emerge from that ! Although difficult to accept, I have also learnt that when I dont like something in someone, it is the reflection of me..everyone I meet is like a mirror to me….Very very difficult to digest but if I sit back and think honestly…it is so true. So the only way to control anger, ego is to see everyone and everything from the place of love !..I am learning to forgive others and myself…and this makes me less angry !

  2. Sanjeev S

    That's an awesome way to look at life, Manisha.

    I think self realisation, automatically starts sorting most on our problems and makes us feel more secure and confident.

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