The first 1000

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Can you recall your happiness, when you got first 1000 dollars or rupees?

Can you forget your happiness, when you wrote first 1000 words at your own?

I am sure each one of us, must have felt on top of the world at that moment and on our accomplishment. Sense of feeling proud. And today I share the same feeling with you all.

As I am writing this post, I can see in Stats of my blog that 1002 reader is reading my blog from Hong Kong. To have 1000+ readers in 75 days from more than 15 countries, not bad for an amateur writer like me. And I feel proud and happy about it.

Thanks guys, for keep coming back on my blog and unknowingly supporting me. Without readers, I would have lost interest long back and blogging would have been an unfruitful effort for me. But you all encouraged me to keep writing. I hope reading my posts was pleasure for you all and you were able to find some pearls in my writing and you could take away something with you.

I would appreciate if readers of my blog, starts posting their comments or reactions on my posts and that will be the best position to be in for me. I am not too keen in knowing identity of people who comment. What matters to me is your thoughts and that how you feel about what I have posted. So please feel free to post your comment as Anonymous.

Lot’s of Love to you all and happy reading my blog.

Sanjeev Singhai: 25/02/2011.


  1. Sanjeev S

    No guesses and I am not interested in knowing identities. But I expect that people who comment on this blog are respectful in their comments and maintains the decency, while they can remain critical in their views. Any unwarranted comments here will only showcase commentator's maturity.

    As moderator of this blog, I have anyway control of deleting the unpleasant and unhealthy comments. So Mr./Ms. Anonymous please feel free in expressing yourself on this blog. You never know, this writing may initiate writer within you.

    All the best and feel free to scribble your thoughts.

  2. luke manley

    Well done Sanjeev, it’s a credit to you for attracting so many people. Your messages are positive and heartfelt which is somewhat rare these days.
    Your thoughts around personal identity and staying true to yours will see you attract many more.
    I’ll be one of them.
    All the best.

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