By Sanjeev Singhai.

As I woke up and picked the newspaper on 14th June, the news which drew my attention was about the announcement of shutting down of 165 years old Telegram Services. Like everyone post liberalisation of economy, I have not sent any telegram to anyone in last 22-24 years. But this news surly took me to the memory lane.

In good old days telegrams were the most premium and fasted mode of communication and service was used for all urgent and important message deliveries. One will Q up in Telegraph Office to send the telegram. The booking Clerk will count number of words and charge you on based on numbers of words. So one will put in to make their Telegram shorter and crisp in messaging.

Telegrams were delivered by Postman or Taarwala. PostmanHis knock on the door was used to first send a shiver in the spine of each family member fearing some uneventful news. And everyone will hold their breath till the time telegram is first read by head of the family and than read again loudly for everyone if news is good or if he doesn’t speak a quietness will get spread in the house automatically fearing the worst.

I also remember receiving my first employment confirmation way back in September 1986 from BPL and which change my life for forever and better. Ahh…

Hearing about closure of this legendary service of Telegram surly was bit heavier for my heart and kept hoovering in my mind. I came to office and got busy with usual stuffs but back of my mind could not keep this news away. So I picked up the phone to send my last telegram before the service gets closed. Here is the account of my experience:

On Telegram Service Closure news announcement and to pay my respect to 165 years old service, I sent a Phonogram (a telegram sent using phone) to my mother. Here is account of the experience.

Date: Friday, 14th June 2013.

1. After 3 attempts the Phonogram Service call was pick by very rough and unwelcoming voice.

2. I received a call back after 20 minutes.

3. Booking Operator didn’t new the that Greeting Phonograms are booked with number and I have to explain him the process.

4. I sent a Greeting Phonogram from Mumbai to my mother who lives in Bhopal.

5. Today is 17th June 2013 and post lapse of 72 hours Telegram has yet not being delivered to my mother.

Isn’t Telegram already dead and Government announcement is just a formality?

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