Recovered the lost website

Last 4 hours I went through the worst kind of fears. I pressed the auto-upgrade button of word press and like many (one of the recent and popular Amitabh Bachchan), and lost the website and its admin control. So much I could not log in to admin control panel. I saw my hundreds of hours of hard work going in drain and feeling was surely not good.

And then started process of endless search for help. Posted for help on various forums and scrutinized several pages for want of information from google search result. […]

Get ready for new

It’s been two month and I have been finding blog writing interesting and I am going to be hooked with it.My definition of blog is – “blog is a one’s personal diary, at a public domain in digital form.” And I am loving scribbling my diary. I feel happy to express. It doesn’t matters that how rich my vocabulary is or how well, I am able to phrase my writing? But I know one thing that, if I keep writing, it will only get better with time.Best part is that I learned to express my self and put my thought and thinking in written format and for public scrutiny and comments. I think that’s very rare and make me feel special. And in time to come this blog will change me from within for forever. […]

Handheld Devices and Website Designing

Internet is no more a thing of technology for most of the people. It’s just one of the thing, we use in our day-to-day life – like wheels, telephone, electricity or even computers. Its part of our life and we do not take a note of Internet as being backbone of the Digital World, which opens a new world of websites for us through Internet. Welcome to the NEW ERA, which is popularly known as DIGITAL ERA.

As we move into the digital space, gadgets around us have started changing and manufacturers are everyday introducing new adaptations of their products. Be it TV, Refrigerator, Shops, Automobile, Phones, Hospitals or Travel. List is really very long. I feel everyone feels the change, which Internet has brought in the way we live. […]