April Fool Day Google Motion

Google did it again and left many wondering why they are the best. April 1st 2011 saw flood of the posts on facebook, twitter and email viral regarding Google lunching a new interactive tool “Google Motion,” and everyone got ready to check our the latest offering of the Google’s. And no one could resit checking on the news. People only realised it later when they tried downloading the application that this was the April Fool Day prank by the Google.

Though I was also one of the people, who got convinced with the prank but I couldn’t stop admiring the brilliance of the prank. […]

Handheld Devices and Website Designing

Internet is no more a thing of technology for most of the people. It’s just one of the thing, we use in our day-to-day life – like wheels, telephone, electricity or even computers. Its part of our life and we do not take a note of Internet as being backbone of the Digital World, which opens a new world of websites for us through Internet. Welcome to the NEW ERA, which is popularly known as DIGITAL ERA.

As we move into the digital space, gadgets around us have started changing and manufacturers are everyday introducing new adaptations of their products. Be it TV, Refrigerator, Shops, Automobile, Phones, Hospitals or Travel. List is really very long. I feel everyone feels the change, which Internet has brought in the way we live. […]

Decade of 2000 – Life Changing

As first decade of 2000 set and the second decade started, it forced me to take a pause and made me to start scribbling for the people who might visit this post.


We all know that change is a constant but for me changes of this decade are going to leave it’s everlasting impact on my rest of life and the way I am going to live hereafter.

A decade of ambitions, struggles, changes, redefining values, deep sorrows, shifting loyalties, betrayals, re-organising energies, fight back and rediscovering one self. […]