Why Government of India is Resisting Draft of Jan Lokpal Draft

By Sanjeev Singhai. We all know that the Government of India and specially politicians are very nervous about about current agitation of Anna Hazare‘s India Against Corruption (http://www.indiaagainstcorruption.org/). I too understand that corruption will not end with the introduction of proposed draft of the bill by the Civil Society.  But what it will certainly do is that, […]

What is Social Media Advertising

A member on Linkedin posted the below Question for answers by other members, because he did not got a Digital Award and in his opinion valuation of his candidature was not fair. I found answer of his question in “What is Social Media Advertising?” His question was: “Do you think Digital Awards should be created […]

It’s our social obligation

By Sanjeev Singhai.

In our times when we were in school, while learning English, an essay on Cow was integral part of the syllabus. And the first sentence of that essay was “Cow is a domestic animal”.

Similarly all these years, I believed that we, as human being are social animals. We live in a society and its hard to separate us from the society. What happens in society effect us directly and indirectly. But it appears that in changed times, this is chancing very fast. I find that we are getting converted in to a society of self centered people. We are becoming insensitive, as many of the things don’t effect us directly. Or we have become thick skinned that nothing hurts or able to ignite anger within us. […]

How to make your website work for you

We always had a business and we always thought that website is a great way of promoting our business. And we treated websites exactly the same way we would have released a newspaper advertisement. Companies use their website as display window, where in they try their level best to show case their products and services to their prospective customers or clients. But question remains how to make your website work for you?

How wrong those people are, who still feel that this is the correct way of show casing their products/ services on a website and hope that visitors of their website will get attracted to product and services displayed on website and buy them? Truth is that most of the people who will ever visit such website will have the lowest recall and chances are, that visitors will never return on such website or buy your service/ product, as such website don’t offer any value. Visit the most successful business website on Internet and you will realize why they are successful. […]