I find myself being fortunate to having witnessed three biggest changes of the 19th century – television, telephone and Internet.
I still remember in the good old days of 70’s and 80’s I was used to writing letters and sending through post. I use to exchange letters with my closes friend and relatives frequently. Every day waiting for the Postman was part of life and when he had no letters for me, I would say ‘Oh no letters today.”
Mid 80’s, television came into India with Asian Games and it started changing the social structure of the country. The change happened so quietly that no one realized that when we started drifting away from cohesively bonded society to individuality. […]

Comparative Advertising

In the world of up man’ship, every company is trying to put forward their point to possible consumers and wanting to prove their next competition wrong. This urge and want is so strong that such companies/ marketers do not hesitate in producing comparative advertisements to prove their point.I came across one such print advertisement in today’s Times of India, Mumbai edition. This half page advertisement is being relased by Raj Travels.

Raj Travels has shown a table of comparison where in they have compared their Foreign Packaged Tours v/c competition which is Cox&Kings, Thomos Cook, SOTC and Other on more than 50 points. […]

Premium Cosmetics and Retail Prices

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Yesterday my wife decided to spend lavishly on few cosmetics and that took us to leading retail store – West Side in Infinity Mall, Mumbai. Of course she bought what she wanted, retail chain gave bill and I paid.

But the real surprise came to me this morning while having my morning tea when my wife started reviewing her previous day purchase and out of curiosity, I asked her to show what she bought. I just wanted to check why these products are so expensive.

Apparently this company (Revelon) is selling imported products which are packed in various factories in India. We bought 3 products and below are details: […]