New Food Product Development

Indian food culture has always been a mystery for most of the global food giants and they have been trying to decode it for decades. No wonder they often fail when it comes to New Food Product development and hence most of the food companies yet has minor presence in India. Every food company came to India with their legacy of westernized food culture and most of them miserably failed. The key reason they don’t understand Indian food habits and Indian taste buds. I only rate Mc Donald’s as successful as they entered Indian Market with a very clear thought process and realising that they can’t survive in India without Vegetarian Menu. So they invented two unique products for India – Mc Alloo Tikki and Mc Veggi Burger, two products which are great success in Indian market and yet wait to be included in McD’s global product offerings.

But my today’s blog is resultant of recently launched product by Pizza Hut. To expand their menu Pizza Hut came of with new product idea – Birizza which is being made available in 3 variants – Veggie, Paneer and […]

Negative Impact of Celebrity Endorsement

By: Sanjeev Singhai

Negative impact of celebrity endorsement is always a subject which is denied by advertising agencies. No wonder in spite of such negative impact of celebrity association with brand they try selling the goodness of celebrity to save skin and convince brands to keep using the celebrity. Some time back I came across one such print advertisement. I immediately took the photo of the advertisement thinking it to cover this aspect in one of my blog post. […]

Indian Marketers reluctance to new media

My job offers me opportunity to meet and interact with top brand managers of India everyday. But each time I get surprised with Indian marketers reluctance to new media. Post meeting, I am always left feeling their halfhearted willingness to experiment with emerging Digital Media and lack of their understanding about it. I do understand their challenges which they have in hand and which makes them keep focusing on traditional media like TV, radio or print. Very few brand managers of India focus their marketing efforts on consumer testimonials or word of mouth campaigns or thinks of Brand Advocacy model. Most of them opt for easy way out and focuses on TV and Print as media of communication when it comes to reaching out to consumers.

Timing of this year’s Elections is the best for the brand manager to learn about the power of Social Media. Two leading political parties used Social Media extensively to reach out to electorate and to voice their opinion and influence the voters – the product they are selling is DREAMS for BETTER LIFE.


Brand for Consumer or Product for Shopper

Whats the difference in “Brand for Consumer or Product for Shopper?” I guess in a second thought you all will find the difference. Today I am playing the devil’s advocate role and challenging the current advertising practices and will talk only one side of it, ignoring the goodness of advertising. Consumers and market place has completely changed in last few years but advertising agency’s and brand manager’s passion for building a brand continues and product yet remains on the back seat. Advertising agency’s love for Brands is not hidden but best is that many of the marketers too fall in love with brands loosing sight of the product. Whom to blame for? Answer is, none. “Brand for Consumers” status allows advertising agencies to operate in the world of creativity, win awards, charge client a bomb in the name of creativity and yet not being accountable for sales of the advertised products. […]


“BRAND POWER” THRIVING IN DIGITAL ERA: A write up which I dug from old files of February 2007

Date: 27.02.07.

The media and telecom industries are moving at broadband speeds toward interactive, on demand and personalized media experiences, enabling them to offer a wide range of ubiquitous communication and content services while consumers benefit from unprecedented media choices and control of their media consumption habits.

Now, the widespread adoption of IP voice and data services is enabling a new business paradigm: converged services, including voice, video and data offerings across multiple channels. Customer’s demand for IPTV, video on demand and other new services began to skyrocket, and it has enabled the telecom companies to enter the world of “triple play”—integrated telephone, television and broadband offerings. Role GPRS technology will also play a vital role in future of media. […]