Abusive Fans of Celebrity earns bad name for their hero

Few days back, I tweeted about SRK speculating whether Don2 will be a flop movie like Ra.One. This was one week before the release of the Don2. To my shocking surprise, I was immediately flooded with highly abusive tweets from various SRK fans against me using language of lowest grade. Isn’t it that Abusive Fans […]

Tablet Review iPad2 what you won’t get in it

After working for many years on computers and specially on Windows Operating System, switching to Apple MacBook Pro is quite a struggle. Its challenging if one is normal user like me and not an expert.

So while I bought the iPad2, I had previous experience of strict controlled regime of Apple and where while using your iPad2computer you are expected to keep selling of dollars every now and than. So here is the list of few key features which you won’t get in an IPad2.

1. Text Scroll: If you are used to of using arrow, page up and down key you are surly going to miss them with iPad. One struggle in scrolling while typing the text, reviewing typed material and reaching on specific text location is a text box. […]

ipad2 why to or not to buy

Good news is that now iPad2 is available in India and lapse of time from global launch is not as of iPad. iPad2 was launched on 29th April and I was one of the lucky ones to get one, on the day one. Why I say that I was lucky one that, this is what Apple does the best that they make feel their customers good being possession of the Apple Products.

Like always Performance is superb but user friendliness or utility always remains debatable issue for all Apple products. So here are my takes after 48 hours of possession of iPad2 – 16GB Wi Fi 3G. But one good thing which goes in my favour, without any doubt is that I was trying to get iPad2 for me and was constantly checking price from grey market where price quoted to me for the same piece was Rs. 50,000 and because I was able to hold my buying nerves I saved Rs. 13,000 as this is what I finally paid less. […]