My Daughter remembering her Grandfather

My Daughter remembering her Grandfather: My daughter wrote on her Facebook wall this memoriam on the 2nd death anniversary of my father which is today. After reading such emotional note, I could not resist securing lovely piece of writing of her on my blog to share with larger audience.

Memoriam to Grandpa..

Last time I met you grandpa, you were 75 and I was 19. But like a 2 years old kid I wished for you to stay a little longer with me, in spite of knowing you couldn’t have.

You fought long and hard to be with me and see me growing.  But there came the time when God and his Angels ended pain & sufferings, and took you with them. I will never forget nor love you any less, as time that we spent together, was nothing but the BEST…

Although now I can’t hear you anymore, calling me “Maau Betaa” in your typical melodious manner. I can’t share my Maggi and cold coffee with you. We can’t anymore hide ice cream from Grandma and eat it together when she is not around. Can’t see you anymore making funny faces while looking at me and hiding from others. Can’t see smile which you wore all time and which could light up anyone. […]

Obituary: Atul Maheshwari

Untimely demise of Atulji (as he was popularly known) came as a great shock and I am yet not being able to recover from the shock, even though almost 24 hours has lapsed. In my brief stint of working with Amar Ujala as GM – Marketing, I got opportunity to be close to Atul Maheshwari, a man with gentle voice and who always wore a soft  smile on his face (and of course who loved his smoking) . I knew him as a cool operator, who knew how to handle different people in complex culture of newspaper industry and manage people. Surely it is a great loss for Amar Ujala family and Amar Ujala will never be the same without him and his presence would be felt forever. […]