BMW Mini Cooper India launch gets a coincidental boost

By Sanjeev Singhai.

BMW Mini Cooper India launch gets a coincidental boost: Yesterday’s Times of India was delivered with front cover page release of an advertisement by BMW India, as part of launch of BMW’s new range of cars in India – Mini and Mini Cooper.

BMW’s Mini range was launched in India on opening day of Delhi Auto Expo 2012 on 6th Jan 2012. But what attracted my attention was a surprised support and fame which is coinciding with this launch in India. I am talking about the Hindi movie, “PLAYERS” which was released in India after a day (yesterday) of the launch of BMW Mini Cooper in […]

Abusive Fans of Celebrity earns bad name for their hero

Few days back, I tweeted about SRK speculating whether Don2 will be a flop movie like Ra.One. This was one week before the release of the Don2. To my shocking surprise, I was immediately flooded with highly abusive tweets from various SRK fans against me using language of lowest grade. Isn’t it that Abusive Fans […]

Own Identity

By Sanjeev Singhai.

A small note which I posted on FB wall of my cousin. Hope readers agree with the same?

“I have been wanting to say this to you for long and hope you will understand my POV (point of view). Never give up your identity for anyone. Not even for your role model (like in your case Salman). Try creating your own identity. It’s good to follow people you get inspired as that help you to create your own identity”.

We all have role models or even if we feel that we do not follow a role model but every now and than in life, most of us keep copying or wanting to do things, like someone else with whom we get inspired on something special about them. […]