Brand’s confusion on Social Media Strategy

Recently I met a CEO of a new company and who is about to launch new products in market. He was confused between Digital Media Strategy and Social Media Strategy? I started pondering that why brands are confused on Social Media StrateDIgital Social Media Strategygy?

Social Media is part of every brand annual plan, but how? Why some social media platforms are popular while others are not? How brand can use them to engage consumers or do business? What’s best Social Media Strategy for brands? These are some of the questions in front of Brand Managers.


FMCG marketers find cost effective ad platform in Buchanan Brand Power

By Sanjeev Singhai.

FMCG marketers find cost effective ad platform in Buchanan’s Brand Power: When Jyothy Labs wanted to launch a round variant of its Exo dishwash bar, it decided to broadcast it on Brand Power, an online advertising platform owned by the Buchanan Group.

“We thought it was a cost-effective model as it was almost 25 per cent of the cost of a regular TVC and would be treated as an add-on communication to our regular TVCs,” said a company official.

Brand Power is one of the advertising vehicles in the armory of the Australia-based Buchanan Group. It claims to offer solutions to companies looking for “ways to inform, explain, educate and to generate sales results.” Basically, it uses a no-frills, extended format ‘infomercial,’ commercial information which is presented plainly, without glamorous models or glitzy sets. […]

What is Social Media Advertising

A member on Linkedin posted the below Question for answers by other members, because he did not got a Digital Award and in his opinion valuation of his candidature was not fair. I found answer of his question in “What is Social Media Advertising?” His question was: “Do you think Digital Awards should be created […]

How to make your website work for you

We always had a business and we always thought that website is a great way of promoting our business. And we treated websites exactly the same way we would have released a newspaper advertisement. Companies use their website as display window, where in they try their level best to show case their products and services to their prospective customers or clients. But question remains how to make your website work for you?

How wrong those people are, who still feel that this is the correct way of show casing their products/ services on a website and hope that visitors of their website will get attracted to product and services displayed on website and buy them? Truth is that most of the people who will ever visit such website will have the lowest recall and chances are, that visitors will never return on such website or buy your service/ product, as such website don’t offer any value. Visit the most successful business website on Internet and you will realize why they are successful. […]