Much more possible in print ads

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Much more possible in print ads: Feeling of substance, ability to stimulate the senses and that there is a thing in hands which is convenient to keep, carry and read, has always attracted readers to remain hooked on to their preferred newspapers. Unlike any other medium, newspapers offer deep reading, which makes it unique and also that newspaper don’t die easily (like any other product). No wonder, changing newspaper reading habit is considered to be one of the toughest jobs. Marketer and advertisers always drove their brands on this strength of the newspapers and newspaper advertising always played a very important role in their media plans.

But with fragmented media and increasing clutter in space of advertising options and on account of ‘uniqueness’, advertisers always hunt for ideas that can make their brand stand taller in the crowd of advertisements and get noticed by the consumers to be able to engage them. On the other hand, realising the potential of increased ad revenue, print media owners too have been open to explore the media innovation ideas with the advertisers. […]

17 hours media innovation

By Sanjeev Singhai.

17 hours media innovation: Few days ago, while attending a magazine conference on consumer engagement, I texted one of my close publisher friend, who was then sitting on the dais saying, “People buy magazines for content and not advertisement. Brands need to learn to engage consumers around content”. This BBM text triggered me to write the first of a series of articles.

The marketplace has become crowed and hyper competition is posing new challenges to marketers. Breaking clutter to get noticed or to draw attention of consumers is getting tougher for brands. Of course, to engage consumers is secondary until you achieve the former. Brand custodians at times spend lavishly on media to achieve higher frequency, thinking that it will help them draw the consumer’s attention but then many start encountering burn-out effect, leaving them with undesired RoMI (Return of Marketing Investment).

So how to utilise media better or achieve RoMI to get noticed and engage consumers while protecting the output of the media strategy – answer may be in effective media innovation. […]