Two Friends: Anger and Ego

By Sanjeev Singhai.

I posted on twitter today evening (now yesterday):”Why anger and ego are close friends? Any answers?”

I got only one answer from Anmol, that too on my Linkedin page (as my twitter is linked with it). He sent answer: “they come naturally with the influence of power…..they take away your down to earthiness…. humans should try to neutralize their achievements and failures together.”

Ego and anger are interconnected. These two emotions are very destructive. I encounter it daily and I struggle with it many times. I think ego is the source of many problems in our lives. The “I” drives the ego.  Anger makes one take unwise decisions, say hard words, destroys relationships and take undesired actions that we may regret later.  […]

Two Percent Rule

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Choice is ours that what we want to be in our one life? This world is ruled/ lead by the 2 Percent people. These 2 Percent people are the politicians, top bureaucrats, businessman, senior executives of large corporations and even mafia dons, gangsters and many more people who are in similar positions of power. What makes these people different is that these people are the best in their field’s and has worked hard to be in the current position and have passionately followed their dreams through out their life (even in the case of mafia dons). These people achieved, what they wanted for themselves.

We too need to arrive on this clarity at early stage of our life or career and decide that where we want to be? Whether we want to be in the 2 Percent people, who rule this world or we want to be part of balance 98% population? […]


I always say that its important that we commit mistakes. And mostly people are amazed when they hear me saying this and usually take my comment very casually without understanding the meaning of the same. For me committing mistakes mistakesis important part of our learning process. What is important, is to be watchful about them and  ensure that we are not repeating mistakes. Intelligent people never repeats their mistakes and after committing one mistake they are very watchful for the next mistake. But on the hand, person who has casual attitude commits same mistake again and again. And that is why it is said “only fools repeats mistakes.” At work place committing mistake repeatedly hampers our career adversely and superiors take the serious note about them and which often get reflected in their appraisals.Another reference which is very close to this is topic is about that how you feel about the mistakes committed. […]