By Sanjeev Singhai.

Happy for the Victory.

Happy that Anna Hazare ends his 97 hours fast.

Happy that people have tasted the success of people’s power.

Happy that people are awake.

Happy that faith in democracy returns.

Happy that people’s voice is being heard.

Happy that protest is over though a long way still to go.

Happy that democracy prevails at it’s best.

Happy that Civil Society first time participated in Free India.

Happy that current generation now know, what they can do.

Happy that Anna was able to Unite the Nation.

Happy that common man came forward in support in Fight Against Corruption.

Happy that Gandhian way of protest is once again proved to be right.

Happy that Government, understands the people’s sentiments.

Happy that we can say we have still have souls.

Happy that people of this country are still willing to be on street for better Nation.

Happy that we discover NEW INDIA in this protest of 97 hours.

Happy that protest can be silent and we don’t need CLOSURE and VIOLENCE.

Happy that people of India know that violent protested sponsored by politician are not correct way of protesting.

Happy that press came forward to support the people’s movement. […]

Advantages Sickness

Ah… I am sick of being sick of this flu and tired of remaining in bed for last 3 days.But what to do with my awake mind, which is not accepting the lethargy, anxiety and sleeplessness? And that’s what, brought me to scribble on this page, which is fast catching up as my favorite destination and becoming my natural vent.But what I face here is, a dead lock of being not able to move forward my thinking to write this blog. So what to do? Let me try penning down few ADVANTAGES of SICKNESS.
  1. My body is getting much needed rest.
  2. I am getting extra attention (which is never less in normal course too) and I feel pampered. […]