Google services stopped working

One Plus X smartphone owners are experiencing error “Google services stopped working.’ This can happen if you have carried System Update on you mobile. Google Store stooped working on my Android Mobile, no Apps were getting updated. In fact all Google Apps like Gmail, Google Play Movies, Google+ and Google Play Music etc stopped working. […]

Your Facebook Page will never Succeed untill…

Each business is talking Social Media and specially Facebook. Each business has or wanting to have a Facebook Page for their business. Each one of them is spending energy and money to make people press the LIKE button on their Business page or to engage their customers. But in spite that everyday millions of people are using Facebook, there aren’t many successful case studied for businesses.

When it comes to successful case studies, why only few are referred as success model? Why Facebook business pages are most talked about the campaign promotion and not business success? What are the missing links in the game of promoting businesses on Facebook and creating direct impact on revenue generations using Facebook Business Page promotions?

Why businesses remains in experimental mode on Facebook and though those are hopeful but are not happy with the outcome they are being able to generate using the Facebook so far? […]

What is Social Media Advertising

A member on Linkedin posted the below Question for answers by other members, because he did not got a Digital Award and in his opinion valuation of his candidature was not fair. I found answer of his question in “What is Social Media Advertising?” His question was: “Do you think Digital Awards should be created […]

April Fool Day Google Motion

Google did it again and left many wondering why they are the best. April 1st 2011 saw flood of the posts on facebook, twitter and email viral regarding Google lunching a new interactive tool “Google Motion,” and everyone got ready to check our the latest offering of the Google’s. And no one could resit checking on the news. People only realised it later when they tried downloading the application that this was the April Fool Day prank by the Google.

Though I was also one of the people, who got convinced with the prank but I couldn’t stop admiring the brilliance of the prank. […]