Six reasons how brands benefit by specific ad solutions

By Sanjeev Singhai.

6 reasons how brands benefit by specific ad solutions:

1) Advertising informs and educates: Advertising delivers news around the brand to consumer. explains how brand is the best fit around taste, value for money or lifestyle that the consumer is looking at, thus making it easy for consumer to make the purchase decision. It can also be used to explain complex product feature or clarify consumer doubts around the brand or raise awareness among consumers about the new variety or categories of products and services that the brand has to offer.

2) Advertising differentiates: With advertising, brands can rationally differentiate themselves by highlighting their unique selling points which makes it stand different from other brands, making it easier for a Consumer to make a purchase decision. It also stimulates competition in the marketplace and allows space for the category to grow. […]

Own Identity

By Sanjeev Singhai.

A small note which I posted on FB wall of my cousin. Hope readers agree with the same?

“I have been wanting to say this to you for long and hope you will understand my POV (point of view). Never give up your identity for anyone. Not even for your role model (like in your case Salman). Try creating your own identity. It’s good to follow people you get inspired as that help you to create your own identity”.

We all have role models or even if we feel that we do not follow a role model but every now and than in life, most of us keep copying or wanting to do things, like someone else with whom we get inspired on something special about them. […]


By Sanjeev Singhai.

I read some where yesterday – “Its better to have reputation, then no reputation.” I think my active participation on Social Media, like blogging or presence on Linkedin, FaceBook, Stumbleupon, Twitter or Technoroti was subconscious effort of creating the reputation for me. 

I feel, social media today provides that platform to each of us, where we can create our own reputation or even change our current reputation. Its good medium to showcase – “what you are” and “not as people perceive you.”