It’s our social obligation

By Sanjeev Singhai.

In our times when we were in school, while learning English, an essay on Cow was integral part of the syllabus. And the first sentence of that essay was “Cow is a domestic animal”.

Similarly all these years, I believed that we, as human being are social animals. We live in a society and its hard to separate us from the society. What happens in society effect us directly and indirectly. But it appears that in changed times, this is chancing very fast. I find that we are getting converted in to a society of self centered people. We are becoming insensitive, as many of the things don’t effect us directly. Or we have become thick skinned that nothing hurts or able to ignite anger within us. […]

Erode Corruption

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Everyone is talking about Jan Lokpal Bill, which is pending in Indian Parliament for last 42 years and Anna Hazere’s Fight Against Corruption but most of us don’t have clue about the same beyond that this bill will help erode corruption. So, I did some research on Internet and found the below.

If you will read complete “Original Draft of Jan Lokpal Bill 1.8”, you will realise why the bill is being stalled again and again by various government and more so over by the politicians as it may prove as final nail for corrupts. […]