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Good Marketing Strategies for an NGO

Last week someone asked me on www.Quora.com that “What are some good marketing strategies for an NGO working in India?” Usually, when a question is asked, I answer promptly, but this particular question sent me in my thinking cap. Below was my response to the person whom I asked the question. But then I thought why not post it on my blog too. Marketing Strategy for NGOs is no different than any other product or brand and follows similar steps. So here we go. First and foremost, you should be clear that what’s the purpose behind the existence of your …

Brand’s confusion on Social Media Strategy

Recently I met the CEO of a new company and who is about to launch new products in the market. Was he confused between Digital Media Strategy and Social Media Strategy? I started pondering why brands are confused about Social Media Strategy? Social Media is part of every brand annual plan, but how? Why some social media platforms are popular while others are not? How can a brand use them to engage consumers or do business? What’s the Best Social Media Strategy for brands? These are some of the questions in front of Brand Managers.

Brand for Consumer or Product for Shopper

What’s the difference in “Brand for Consumer or Product for Shopper?” I guess in a second thought you all will find the difference. Today I am playing the devil’s advocate role and challenging the current advertising practices and will talk only one side of it, ignoring the goodness of advertising. Consumers and market place has completely changed in the last few years but the advertising agency’s and brand manager’s passion for building a brand continues and product yet remains on the back seat. Advertising agency’s love for Brands is not hidden but best is that many of the marketers to …