ipad2 why to or not to buy

Good news is that now iPad2 is available in India and lapse of time from global launch is not as of iPad. iPad2 was launched on 29th April and I was one of the lucky ones to get one, on the day one. Why I say that I was lucky one that, this is what Apple does the best that they make feel their customers good being possession of the Apple Products.

Like always Performance is superb but user friendliness or utility always remains debatable issue for all Apple products. So here are my takes after 48 hours of possession of iPad2 – 16GB Wi Fi 3G. But one good thing which goes in my favour, without any doubt is that I was trying to get iPad2 for me and was constantly checking price from grey market where price quoted to me for the same piece was Rs. 50,000 and because I was able to hold my buying nerves I saved Rs. 13,000 as this is what I finally paid less. […]

Advantages of Sickness and Niche Marketing

By Sanjeev Singhai.

“Advantages of Sickness” has been most read blog post among all the posts of mine so far and that still being read everyday. That made me curious and instigated to investigate.

I found it hard to understand and could not get to root that why this particular post is most read? But ultimately like for all other things we Google, I though let me try. I searched on Google “Advantages of Sickness” and boom, I gets the answer of my question. My blog post appears on number two of search results. Wow.

Encouraged with that I narrowed my search from 3 words to 2 word – “advantages sickness.” Again, boom. But this time my blog was on number 1 position of search results. […]

Advantages Sickness

Ah… I am sick of being sick of this flu and tired of remaining in bed for last 3 days.But what to do with my awake mind, which is not accepting the lethargy, anxiety and sleeplessness? And that’s what, brought me to scribble on this page, which is fast catching up as my favorite destination and becoming my natural vent.But what I face here is, a dead lock of being not able to move forward my thinking to write this blog. So what to do? Let me try penning down few ADVANTAGES of SICKNESS.
  1. My body is getting much needed rest.
  2. I am getting extra attention (which is never less in normal course too) and I feel pampered. […]