After working for many years on computers and specially on Windows Operating System, switching to Apple MacBook Pro is quite a struggle. Its challenging if one is normal user like me and not an expert.

So while I bought the iPad2, I had previous experience of strict controlled regime of Apple and where while using your iPad2computer you are expected to keep selling of dollars every now and than. So here is the list of few key features which you won’t get in an IPad2.

1. Text Scroll: If you are used to of using arrow, page up and down key you are surly going to miss them with iPad. One struggle in scrolling while typing the text, reviewing typed material and reaching on specific text location is a text box.

2. Auto Fill: iPad doesn’t have Text Box Auto Fill Drop  Down Box feature. So, no matter how many time you visit a particular website, be prepared to fill in user name or auto fill details.

3. Password Protector: Similar to Auto Fill there is no way you will make iPad remember passwords. So better switch to a common password so that you always remember it, using multiple passwords may be a struggle with iPad2.

4. Office Suite: You wont get word or data editor with iPad for free. You can buy Documents to Go Application for  $9.99 to view and edit Word & Excel files but if you wan to edit PowerPoint, email attachments and many more than buy Documents to Go Premium for $16.99.

5. Game: You always had you age old windows games which came for free and you never looked at other game. But iPad2 can be very addictive with games and there are plenty of trial versions of games available. Once you play them you will anyway end up buying them from $0.99 onward or per level.

By Sanjeev Singhai

Experiences of Indian professional and expert, who's heart lives in rural India. Read his views on Career Personality Development, Business, Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Technology, Social Media and Life.

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