Career has direct impact on what one is, what one does, his/ her relationship with people around them, their place in society or even how one should be perceived by others. It not only makes us happy or sad but also effects directly our families.We all invest time, money and energy; on each aspect of our life and save a lot for securing our future. Once we get in a  job or profession, each of us start planing our lives – marriage, children, their education, retirement etc. We all try to secure our future by saving money or building assets. But I have not met many people who invest on their careers.Some people may say, how can I invest on my career(other than studying or training), but I differ with them. Investing in career may be in several ways. I was very clear from day one, where I want to be. And much before (at age of 25), I set my goal to make myself achieve a national role by age of 35. I started my career at the age of 20 as a sales person who later got into different roles of managing dealer sales channel in consumer durable, office automation, automobile and consumer telecom industry.In 1989 (at age of 34) when an opportunity from Dainik Bhaskar (a newspaper) to head Mini Metro Division in marketing department came to me, I jumped for it. And this was at the time when media industry have just opened it’s doors for outside industry people.

So, what was the big deal? And most of the readers must have started thinking that. Every one changes jobs for better and I was no different opting for one such change.

The BIG step was, to join at much lesser (by 40%) salary. I took that bold decision and decided that I will consider money not earned as my investment in my career and the role which I am getting in new company is more important than salary. Also I knew that salary will fall in place and I will make up for my losses, which I will incur in due course of time (by earning less salary, may be for few years of my career).

I worked for the Dainik Bhaskar for 4 years and was not able to touch my previous job, salary level. But my learning on job were of grater value. I was well establish in the newspaper industry and there were takers for me.

Next job offer, which came to me from Amar Ujala, was of 4 times salary of my last salary at Dainik Bhaskar and all monetary losses were recovered and well paid eventually. But BIG profit was:

  1. I learned to work in owner driven company/ small company.
  2. I got national exposure.
  3. I learned to think differently and big.
  4. I developed the vision of an entrepreneur. And I became a complete business manger.
  5. Most importantly, I found a new man inside me – a self confident, risk taking man and a man for whom selling anything became fun.

And I am sure, by now you all must be in agreement that I could have not been able to buy all the above things with money or working in my previous job. Like master card says – few things money can’t buy. 🙂

Today, what I am today, is because of that one investment, which I made long ago in my career. And I am still able to enjoy the fruits of that one decision.

I consider career as sun of life, as everything revolves around it.

Almost every time when I interview a candidate for a job, I always try assessing that how important the new job responsibilities are for the candidate and how he/ she sees the same, in his/ her career viz-a-viz monetary gains/ salary. Or is he willing to invest in his career or not.

It does not mean that I never saw lows in later part of my career – I did, but than teachings of that one decision remained with me and I always bounced back.

Other important investments which we can make could be by reading good literature, spending some money on our selves (self grooming) to pamper ourselves which makes us feel good etc. All this helps us to make better career or to get maximum from our career.


Sanjeev Singhai: 15/01/2011.


  1. Noopur

    too goood paa….basic & important lessons of life..just written down sooo beautifully..
    Surely this is will help me n take me a long way..

  2. Sanjeev S

    At last some one is liking my blogs. Guys, I know you all have been reading my blogs but why not putting your comments. Wow EUREKA. My next blog topic.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks Sanjeev,
    You reminded me all the old days, I never valued them in such manner, never admired myself, always continued to invest in career only, still no friends,BUT now understand that what I got & how I got it..Thanks dear.

  4. Sanjeev S

    Thanks Mr./ Ms. Anonymous.
    You can directly write me to identify your self, so that I am able to express my gratitude to you.
    Take Care.

  5. Manisha

    Dear Sanjeev,

    such valuable lessons which can come only by experiencing life to the fullest….accepting the good and the bad……thanks for sharing …you have always been an inspiration…wishing you success

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