Successful Product Launch Strategy

Everyone wants to know the mantra of successful product launch strategy but very few could crack it. I happen to have worked with one such person who could crack the mantra and was able to use the formula of successful product launch strategy again and again. The person’s name is Ramesh Chandra Agarwal, founder, and owner of Dainik Bhaskar Group.

In the late 1990s and early 2000, the Dainik Bhaskar product launch strategy was most talked and discussed everywhere. Dainik Bhaskar Group product launches in Rajasthan and later in Haryana and Gujarat, Mumbai and Maharashtra became case studies at IIM Ahemdabad and IIM Bangalore along with many other management institutes. Lots of studies were done and papers were published. However, a successful product launch formula of Ramesh Agarwal was pretty condensed and fix.

This instance is of late 2000 when Dainik Bhaskar was about to launch Divya Bhaskar newspaper in Gujarat. One day Rameshji (as we were used to calling him) called a few of us in his ground-floor cabin of Bhopal HO to discuss some topic. Rameshji was a simple man and he always spoke in Hindi, rather Bundelkhandi (a local dialect from central India). It was then he shared his secret of successful product launches.

Four-step Mantra of Successful Product launch Strategy of Ramesh Agarwal ji, which I never forget and which drives me to achieve what I could.

First Step:  Decide what you want (decide your goal)? (पहले जे देखो कि तुम्हें करने का है)

Second Step: Identity what resources you will need to achieve your goal. (फिर जा देखो कि ओ के लाने तुम्हें का-का चाहिए पड़े)

Third Step: Ensure that you have all the resources. (फिर बा सब एक्कठो कर लो)

Fourth Step: Do everything that you planned without caring for the results. (और फिर, सब कर डारो बिना कछू परवा करे)

Result, you will find yourself achieving unthinkable.


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