Stupid Media Planning or Advertiser’s Ego

When you see 5 Full Page advertisements of one advertiser in one day in the costliest newspaper of the country, what do you call it? I call it “Stupid Media Planning or Advertiser’s Ego.” In today’s Times of India Mumbai edition, there are 5 Full Page advertisements of Indya Estates, a real estate developer launching a new project at Bangalore targeting housing for the middle-income group. Their advertising agency is Six Inches. Capture11

Book a 650 sq ft Flat, 1000 km away from Mumbai for Rs. 300,000 which has a total cost of Rs. 1.86 million – I couldn’t stop being curious and checked Times of India epaper other editions, only to realise that no project launch advertisement appeared of Indya Estate in any other edition of TOI, not even in Bangalore Edition.

Wow… Either agency has screwed the client or client is in money burning mode. If later is the case I am happy to accept donations for my school project.

It’s often seen that one comes across with this kind of senseless advertising, particularly in case of Real Estate clients. This advertisement made me recall an experience which one of advertising agency owner shared with me some 10 – 12 years back when he was a media agency for a leading Pan Masala brand originating from Kanpur. He said ‘for me best media planning is to place the advertisement on TV channels which are viewed by the wife of the owner of the company.” Ha..haa… smart media planning to keep getting ego massaged f owner. Even now I see best of media agencies/ media planners teams doing copy paste media planning job with their media releases wasting client’s money and without applying brain. Unfortunately, most of the clients don’t have any media measuring tools but then recall research.

It’s usual that advertisements are placed senselessly in various media by advertising agencies to please clients without any relevance whether that will reach to right targeted audience, media spent is justified or not or even it’s just for the ego massaging job of their client.

I would welcome a frank discussion by way of your comments on this topic of poor and senseless media planning and media wastage.

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