Small habits which had BIG impacts

For almost 17 years, I had a sticker on my mirror – “You are not dressed for the day until you wear a smile.” So every day in the morning while brushing, shaving, and dressing, I will read this sticker multiple times. Gradually this message got in my head, and I became a person who doesn’t get shaken and face life boldly as it comes to me – good, bad or ugly – everything gets the same embrace from me.

Here are a few small habits that I guess had made a high impact on my professional career.

1. I always keep my house tidy: When as a bachelor while studying and later when I picked up a job, I still found myself keeping my room or house neat and clean. This habit made me organized, and I usually keep no pendency and dispose of assignments as they come to me.

2. I always dress well: During 1st year student days of Indore, I only had three pairs of clothes, and I was used to live in a chawl. I have to wash clothes on a roadside municipal tap, but I was never used to wear clothes twice until those are washed and ironed. And that habit remains unchanged after 37 years. Due to this habit, I am always presentable.

3. Maintain the same enthusiasm: I have seen people behaving differently at the office and home as if they have an on-off switch in their personalities. I could never understand how people do that? I never try wearing a mask. Each job at home or office, I do with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Resultant, I always put my 100% to my best capabilities.

4. Remain curious: My father was a doctor, but he practically repaired everything at home – be it a fan, cooler, mixer, motorcycle, radio or a watch. And he always needed an assistant, which was, of course, me. He was no master, and many times he won’t be able to repair, but he was always used to try. I guess he was a curious person about these gadgets of his time rather than trying to be a master in repairs of the same. I certainly picked up this habit of him. I can open any modern-day devices and explore them. This habit seeded risk-taking capacity in me. No wonder, I learned through experiences and became an entrepreneur today.

Our habits affect our subconscious mind and help create thoughts which in turn send positive or negative impulses to impact the outcome of what happens in our lives. This happens with good and evil, both kinds of habits. So if one tries adopting positive practices early in life, the chances are that one will have positive impacts on those habits in his/ her professional life too.


  1. Surendra Kumar Jain

    Excellent Sanjoo… I am proud of you.May I join your team… I am totally free after my retairment… Good evening

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