Six reasons how brands benefit by specific ad solutions

By Sanjeev Singhai.

6 reasons how brands benefit by specific ad solutions:

1) Advertising informs and educates: Advertising delivers news around the brand to consumer. explains how brand is the best fit around taste, value for money or lifestyle that the consumer is looking at, thus making it easy for consumer to make the purchase decision. It can also be used to explain complex product feature or clarify consumer doubts around the brand or raise awareness among consumers about the new variety or categories of products and services that the brand has to offer.

2) Advertising differentiates: With advertising, brands can rationally differentiate themselves by highlighting their unique selling points which makes it stand different from other brands, making it easier for a Consumer to make a purchase decision. It also stimulates competition in the marketplace and allows space for the category to grow.

3) Advertising persuades to purchase: Advertising aims at persuading the potential customers, impacting their intention to purchase the product. Advertising attracts attention towards a product, and by sharing its unique features, advantage and benefits, creates desire to have the same and finally induces consumers to visit the market and purchase the same. Advertising has psychological impact on consumers. It influences the buying decisions of consumers.

4) Advertising drives sales: Advertising not only creates an emotional connect between consumer and the brand but can also be used to support the sales promotion efforts of the brand, allowing it to make Positive contribution in sales promotion. Thus advertising help brand contribute to company’s growth and profitability.

5) Advertising creates demand (drives trial): Advertising spreads information and encourages consumers to ‘try’ new products. Such advertising leads to product trials, thereby leading to creation of new demand. Various promotions are offered to consumers in the initial period giving them an inertia to try the new product and generate positive response which helps in creating new demand from non-users and build a relationship with brands.

6) Advertising helps brand reinforcement: Advertising helps in reinforcing brand’s name and image to the public, which can be part of a long-term marketing strategy. For example, when Nestle produces an ad for Aata Maggie, it is not only telling the benefits of that product but is also keeping the Maggie brand live in the minds of consumers, which can also help the sales of its other products. Advertising help build brand image with distinct personality of the product. Advertising builds brand image and this develops consumer loyalty towards a specific brand.

Published on 12th April on under “The Anchor” section.


  1. subroto biswas

    Nice read…
    Just to further add here, incase of services, because of its intangible nature, advertising also helps in risk reduction during the pre -purchase phase.

    1. Sanjeev

      Dear Subroto,
      Well pointed and a good thought. I guess now I should try coming with a blog post on how to reduce product launch risk or overcome when product launch fails.

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