Sail with the ship, and then swim


In June of 1991, I had just joined Dyanora TV. I was new to the company. It was my first job as a Branch Manager controlling half Madhya Pradesh (including Chhattishgarh)  and was putting all my energy and efforts to impress the management, but things were not going well. Mr. Suresh Ebnezer, than All India Service Manager, was visiting Raipur to guide me to setup After Sales Service operations at my branch. During his visit, he gave me lifetime learning, which I never forget. He said, and I quote:


He said above in the context when one takes up a new job and joins a new company. He advised trying to adapt to the new environment and understand the business dynamics of new companies and conserve energy in the initial period of post joining. Once you are settled and familiar with a new company’s dynamics and rhythm, start putting all of your energy in the right direction.



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