Risking Life

I guess India will top the list of Risking Life in reckless hands, no wonder India has the most number of road accidental deaths in the world. Everyone blames the Government, poor infrastructure and road safety but no one talks about traffic rules violation, ineffective traffic management and corrupt policing.

The day I recruit my driver my one instruction is very clear to him: “Your job is to pick me from home in the morning and safely drop me back at my home in the evening. No matter how much I say to drive fast or that I am getting late and drive fast you will ignore my instruction and drive cautiously and safely.”

My belief is that if I have to risk my life than I would take the risk and drive. I can’t risk my life in the hand of a person who is not sufficiently qualified and is less intelligent than me. Certainly, I can’t trust my driver when it comes to risk my life.

When we Indian drive on road we feel that we own the road and it is the place to show the might and power of self. We drive recklessly and honk – two things which we hardly see in western countries. We see our politician never wear seat belts but no one has guts to ask them.

I am shocked that no news channel is talking about the traffic signal which was jumped by the Gopinath Munde’s driver and that he was speeding. No channel is reporting that it was Indica Driver who called the police and reported the accident. I am not aware that these reports are true or not but if yes it is really sad that because of reckless driving popular leader like Munde lost his life.


  1. Payal Ayush

    Yesterday my shop help’s brother ( young boy aged 23) lost his life coz of other person’s reckless driving. A boy gone too soon , a mom and sister suffering for eternity and hit and run., culprit unknown

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