By Sanjeev Singhai.

I read some where yesterday – “Its better to have reputation, then no reputation.” I think my active participation on Social Media, like blogging or presence on Linkedin, FaceBook, Stumbleupon, Twitter or Technoroti was subconscious effort of creating the reputation for me. 

I feel, social media today provides that platform to each of us, where we can create our own reputation or even change our current reputation. Its good medium to showcase – “what you are” and “not as people perceive you.”
I am so very overwhelmed with the above sentence and realize that what is missing in the lives of most of us. Why to leave on others to decide our reputation based on the perception of the people who hardly know us. Or even if they know, what is the extend they know you? I am sure, they only know you to extend, people are exposed on you? And based on extend of exposure, they form the REPUTATION about us.

Its better that, that I take the step forward by placing my self in front of others through this blog to form a reputation of my self.
Sanjeev Singhai: 04/02/2011.

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