Remaining absent

By Sanjeev Singhai.

It is always challenging for a working person to keep pace with his hobbies and passions. And I think I am going through one such phase. Where one finds hard to find time for, what one want to do and his work (which always a top priority for workaholic like me), family, his personal hobbies and what is in top of mind.

Since, I started writing this blog, this has been the longest absent in my postings, so thought better I quickly inform my readers on the same and connect with them.

Also day before yesterday, I was speaking to one very close friend with whom I could not speak/ connect in recent past. I complained to my friend that why you never contacted me all this while, when I was too busy and pre-occupied and friend replied: as you never contacted, so do I. This came as big shock to me as I never expected that someone as close to my friend, will come up with such stand on my absence and not being able to connect. I think we expect more from people we know. But is that fair? We need to remain fair with people we are close to and must regard their occasional absents.

On the other hand, I met one person yesterday and I am yet not being able to keep him away from my mind. I met this person one and half years back and so far we have met professionally only on few occasion (may be 6-7). But apparently we connect well with each other and we only speak when we meet. A relationship is in making with full of absents, as we never communicate or meet, but when we meet, we speak our hearts.

So, here is a classic case, a person who knows you well complains on your absents. On the other hand second person with whom you are developing a relationship, allows you space and never minds your absents. On the contrary he pick the relationship from the point you last left and try taking it to next level of intimacy.

I love this complexity of life. Oh God, thanks – I can think and express by thoughts through this blog. Amazing. 🙂

Sanjeev Singhai: 11/03/2011.


  1. Manisha

    absolutely true…with some friends we can pick up from where we left last while at times even if you speak often there is a disconnect ..its just the level of bonding !

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