Reasons that make advertisement impactful

A few days back, I met a Marketing Head of a leading food brand. Our discussion was what makes the Brand Power and Medifacts advertising (3rd Party format based advertisement which only we create) so impactful that it can drive sales for the brand who uses our formate of advertising. And since then I have been holding my thoughts on finding reasons that make advertisement impactful.

5 reasons which makes your advertisement most impactful

Over the last 15 years, I have decoded more than 250 adverting briefs of the best grocery (FMCG) and pharma brands. So every time we present the script and storyboard to the brand team, we already know their reaction and know which points objection will come from and where we have to keep our foot down and drive our point of view? Resultant – barring 4-5 TV ads we created, practically all TV advertisements were able to help our clients drive trials or sales. 4-5 advertisements that failed to deliver mainly were because – TV ads usage was not enough or reasons beyond our control.

Advertising agencies highly influence marketing culture in most companies as they are custodians of brand communication. It (this culture) tells marketers or brand managers that TV advertising is like a piece of art. Hence, creativity is essential; recall of advertisement leads to sales and so many other myths and assumptions that are not proven. And many times due to this advertisement fail to leave impact on consumers.

It is a fact that a significant portion of media spent is wasted and never deliver desired results. And therefore, it is even more critical for Brand Managers to create impactful advertisements and help them increase their market shares. I believe that advertising which can do the following will always be able to make a positive impact on brand sales:

  1. Leave images: People do not remember words, but they do remember pictures. Can your advertising leave your audience or consumers with images which they will remember?
  2. Create Brand Memory: As a brand manager, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to make a memorable advertisement or a memorable brand? You create a delightful TV ad, but if that cannot create brand memory in the consumer’s mind, the chance is that advertisement will not get converted into dollar sales for you. 
  3. Usefulness: By seeing your advertisement, making consumers feel good is not good enough. Are you also telling your consumers that how your product is helpful for them?
  4. Don’t ignore buyers within your consumers: While your audience is consumers of your product, they may behave differently as a buyer. Are you talking to the buyer too through your advertisements?
  5. The language you use: Tell your product or brand story to your audience in a simple language that they understand.

In comments section below please add other reasons that make advertisement impactful.

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