Quality or cheap video content?

I was surfing the net in my free time and was exploring Wines websites and landed on a website www.winefolly.com. But what attracted me was one of the blog posts on this website, “The Truth About Cheap vs. Expensive Wine,” and the image which they have displayed thereWine I am using on the right side of this paragraph as reference material? It suddenly reminded me about the dilemma which most of the marketers are facing today when it comes to Video Content Creation – “Quality or Cheap Video Content ?”

Of course, all highly paid marketers end up buying Expensive Wines each time they dine. But then why most of the marketers are looking at the Cheap Video Content for their brands? Wherein for me, the obvious choice will be in favor of quality even though if it comes at a higher price.

Last eight years, I spent each day between marketers who are die-hard fans of Brand lead Advertising, which helps to develop emotional connect with consumers and has enough brand recall. But when I check various YouTube channels of top Indian brands, I find that the same marketer is creating videos that hardly has any brand appeal or recall. I get amused that whether they are just ticking the boxes of brand KRA or trying to make their brand more relevant for consumers and to engage them?

On the other hand, marketers do realises that they need to crowd the web with more and more video content to engage consumers. But since they need to maximize the marketing budget allotted for video creation, they achieve their motive by creating more videos in the same budget and by compromising the quality of those videos.

I feel the problem is not with the marketers but is with the eco-system they operate in, wherein advertising agencies do the creation of video and production company produces the video. Often the creative idea is good, but production agency owned by some youngster with no experience of working with brands and who is willing to work on thin margins ends up producing sub-standard quality videos. I have also seen most of the advertising agencies try to make good money by making videos wherein they load 40% to 100% on the production cost of production house as their margin resulting costlier video to the brands.

So the best way forward for marketers is to avoid ending up producing cheap quality video will be that they should look for a large production company which has right creative bend and ability to create videos in house. Working with large production companies will not only bring down the cost of production of videos but will also enable them to produce high-quality videos because you may pass creative fees to the production company as video production cost, which otherwise you will end up paying to an advertising agency.

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