Premium Cosmetics and Retail Prices

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Yesterday my wife decided to spend lavishly on few cosmetics and that took us to leading retail store – West Side in Infinity Mall, Mumbai. Of course she bought what she wanted, retail chain gave bill and I paid.

But the real surprise came to me this morning while having my morning tea when my wife started reviewing her previous day purchase and out of curiosity, I asked her to show what she bought. I just wanted to check why these products are so expensive.

Apparently this company (Revelon) is selling imported products which are packed in various factories in India. We bought 3 products and below are details:

  1. ColorStay Ultimate (TM),  Imported by Gawahati based company  and marketed by Revelon (Umesh Modi Co.) and sold  for Rs. 700.
  2. ColorStayOvertime (TM), Imported and marketed by Revelon (Umesh Modi Company) Delhi and sold for Rs. 845.
  3. Nail Enamel, Manufactured by Taloja based company and marketed by Revelon (Umesh Modi Company) Delhi and sold for Rs. 120.

Important thing is this company is leading American Cosmetic company and consumer trust them for their quality and goodwill. But the reason which took me by surprise that on non of the product the price was mentioned on the pack. And this is something Indian Law don’t permit.

Questions are:

  • Why price on all the 3 products are not mentioned. Even a price tag is not provided on the packing by Revelon.
  • Why leading trusted retail chain like West Side is selling such product which violates consumer protection law and is getting in anti law practice?
  • Where the Government monitoring agencies are or there is another scam is about to be unearthed?

Sanjeev Singhai: 12/12/2010.


  1. Bhupesh Trivedi

    🙂 You sound like Ram Jethmalani with his daily dose of 20 questions to the Rajiv Gandhi government in the late 1980s. Keep it up! India needs impartial, citizen crusaders.

  2. Nina Ghosh Konar

    I totally agree with you. As consumers, we have every right to be concerned. Not only, companies should clearly mention MRPs of the products, but also the date of manufacture. This is the least we can expect from such reputable companies.

    Keep it up!

    Warm Regards,

  3. Achin

    Extactly… I too agree with you bhaiya…As products of such big brands are buyed even with closed eyes by d customers.. Companies should not just mention MRP clearly but yes too they should also put some unique sign of originality(from whom consumers should be aware off to) as in from recent past few years in India there are many cases of duplicate cosmetics being sold openly even in showrooms too.

    Achin Jain

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