Pleasure of Washing Car and Watering Plants

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Last week, I went on a day trip to home town and I am yet not been able to get over with the experience. Since I have shifted to metro city Mumbai, I have started forgetting the small town pleasures. This short trip made me realise that what a person, who lives in a metro, never get from their life?Pleasures like – washing your car with water pipe in the morning or watering the plants of your garden or picking your newspaper from door even if you get up at 5:30a.m. or you just knock on doors of friends and chat them for an hour or even going to Haat for buying fresh vegetable.Ahh… list is countless and I can keep on listing many more… In cities we live in apartments where one has a grilled window to look at next building, which usually not too far from window (and I always get a feeling of being jailed), where maid or servant do every odd household job (and our kids don’t get to learn what differentiate a home from house), where we try seeking time with our closest friends for months to catch up with them on one of the Sunday evening (and we miss sharing happiness and sorrows).In big cities we remain part of the rat race of life and our kids grow without experiencing such small experiences of life and completely miss on the critical lessons of life or being human. We become people who know how to earn money and we feel happy that made maximum out of our lives and feel proud that I am successful.

I feel fortunate that my kids grew in small town and they only shifted to metro like Mumbai after learning important lessons of life. Today, I feel confident that they will grow as better human being.


Sanjeev Singhai: 11/01/2011.

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