How to create interactive videos

With everyone having a video camera now, video making has never been so simple. But how to create interactive videos remains the big question in front of most of the content creators. I have tried penning down my thoughts on Video Making based on my experience of video production in the last eight years, wherein I got to work for top MNC brands of grocery store companies. The first thing of interactive video making starts with the identification of Audience your product and Competition. Understand your brand, and that what will make it successful? Secondly, the thing which one needs …

What Makes Someone Successful

Last four days, I have been quizzing myself on one question – what makes someone successful – their knowledge & experience or their beliefs and behaviors? Why some people who have skills fail to achieve? Why don’t some people have the drive? I feel that all successful people usually have a very high self-drive, which separates them from the masses, and this one unique quality of their personality makes them achieve their goals.

Brand’s confusion on Social Media Strategy

Recently I met the CEO of a new company and who is about to launch new products in the market. Was he confused between Digital Media Strategy and Social Media Strategy? I started pondering why brands are confused about Social Media Strategy? Social Media is part of every brand annual plan, but how? Why some social media platforms are popular while others are not? How can a brand use them to engage consumers or do business? What’s the Best Social Media Strategy for brands? These are some of the questions in front of Brand Managers.

Doing Business in India

European Union’s European Regional Development Fund 2007-13 & Digital Greenwich of the University of Greenwich conducted a Digital Accelerator Program for entrepreneurs of UK – “Doing Digital Business in India” on 4th Dec 2014 at Greenwich University Campus. One Day Program had the following highlights: 1) Digital in India: Current state of the digital market in India and where it is heading. Insights on who your audience is, where you can find them, and how to engage with them.

Case Study Customer Service

On 7th & 8th November 2014, I tried calling the customer service helpline number of MakeMyTrip to check on a Hotel booking. Both times after waiting for almost 20-25 in Q, I hung up the call. On 8th, I wrote an email to them specifying my query. Within a second, I got AutoResponse. But Customer Care Executive response came after 42 hours seeking some more details about my payments etc. In response to the above MakeMyTrip email, I wrote two emails today to Hotel Customer Service. Both emails were bounced for a reason “The recipient’s mailbox is full and …

ISRO Mars Mission Mangalyaan

Indian Space Research Organisation known as ISRO, Mars Mission Mangalyaan – India created history on Wednesday, becoming the first country to successfully get a spacecraft into the Martian orbit on its maiden attempt. I feel very proud today because of all the unsung heroes – our ‪‎Scientists‬ of ‪ISRO‬, who’s relentless efforts put India at the forefront of Space Technologies, as ‪‎Mangalyaan‬ solo flight enters in ‪‎Mars‬ ‪‎Orbit‬ and ‪‎India‬ become ‪#FIRST‬ country in the World to succeed in its first effort. My heartiest congratulations to ISRO Team and their leader. India joins United States, European Space Agency and the …