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Self belief

My superpower is my self belief. It help learn and deal with inner negative voices.

Art of War

Men are not shaped by their victories but by their defeats.

Support System

Never hesitate in expressing feeling to teachers, mentors, friends and family.

Online Grocery Store Business in India

A lot is being talked about Online Grocery Store Business in India and I see lots of Full Page Advertisements in newspapers of Mumbai. But I always see those advertisements differently due to my personal experience with Online Grocery Store business. In year 2010-11, I started working on Online Grocery Store ( business concept and […]

Tired of running business

When you have own business which is running decently well and everything thing is more or less sorted and follows monotonous routine, many feel tired of running business. A kind of boredom (like old marriage) start mounting. Most of the owner driven businesses face this situation and no wonder very few such business grow with […]

Should I remain in Niche Business

Should I remain in Niche Business? I was asked this question recently.

This is classic question each company which operates in a niche faces. I have been owning a business last 8 years which operates in a niche field of TV Advertising and I have faced this question thousands time myself. I guess answer of this question is in finding the advantages of operating in a Niche Confusionniche and disadvantages of getting in mainstream.

Biggest advantage of being in Niche is that one have no competition and hence one can command price. This delivers higher profit margin and unique identity with less work. You become specialist of what you do. […]