Own Identity

By Sanjeev Singhai.

A small note which I posted on FB wall of my cousin. Hope readers agree with the same?

“I have been wanting to say this to you for long and hope you will understand my POV (point of view). Never give up your identity for anyone. Not even for your role model (like in your case Salman). Try creating your own identity. It’s good to follow people you get inspired as that help you to create your own identity”.

We all have role models or even if we feel that we do not follow a role model but every now and than in life, most of us keep copying or wanting to do things, like someone else with whom we get inspired on something special about them.

All is good but I do not think that copying anyone’s hair style, dressing, the way they walk, speak or do things can make us to be like them. What is important that we all take best out of our role models and see how we can adopt those good things in our life for being better human being, to have a personality which helps us to achieve what we want.

For achievers, it takes life time to build what they are, it’s impossible to become what they are by just copying them.

Also I feel the basic reason behind the popularity of social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Myspace or Blogger etc is that these have become places not only to share info but also that these places subconsciously provides opportunity to people, to have their own identity.

Sanjeev Singhai: 26/02/2011.


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