Origin of Marketing

I believe the day first trade or sale (barter of old days) would have taken place, must be the origin day of marketing. Though until 1900 the word “Marketing” did not find a place in dictionaries. The marketing word was first included in the dictionary in 1910.

Here are some interesting facts which may have lead Marketing to get evolved:

  1. Glass packaging began to be used in 1500 B.C in Egypt.
  2. Japan was the country where the First Department Store was started in 1650 by Mitsui family.
  3. The first advertisement in English appeared in 1472. This advertisement was simply a handbill advertising a prayer book that was for sale. The first newspaper advertisement was probably released in England in 1657 for Coffee.
  4. Volney B. Palmer opened the first advertising agency, in Philadelphia in 1850. This agency placed ads produced by its clients in various newspapers.
  5. The first brand name product was Pears Soap when in the year 1807 Andrew Pears produced and sold Pears Soap in London.
  6. The first printed box in the history of metal packaging was made in 1866 in the USA. The first aluminum canned food came out in 1959.
  7. Place of The first book on marketing may go to Robert Bartel’s book, “The History of Marketing Thought” published in 1976. Before that, mainly various economists wrote on separate disciplines around the turn of the last century.


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