Slow progress of School Rebuilding

By Sanjeev Singhai.

I committed myself to change the roof of a school situated in rural India, before rains strikes in 2011. But it appears my dream is not going to be fulfilled this year and I have to wait for some more time.

Rains are here and roof change job has yet not begun. Looks students will have to study under the old roof this season too. My heart sinks on the miseries which children and teachers has to go through, one more year. Dripping and falling roof and water filling in class rooms and students has to be shifted to small veranda. Ah…

Surely this is disappointing news for me and calls for some alternate plan to accelerate the work. I am amazed with the speed of government works, even when they have not to pay from their fund and budgets.

Construction of 2 halls (one for computers and one for teachers), is near completion; after a real long work and I feel happy that with new academic year, school will have at least some thing to celebrate. But it has taken sweet 8 months to complete the job and yet it’s 100% not ready.

School authorities and locals, who were made part of the Committee to carry out the work from the donation, could not drive the rebuilding of the school as per schedule. This does not mean that in anyway their contribution in this task is not respected or regarded. I respect and am thankful of all involved, that in spite of their jobs and busy routines they were able bring first hase to finish line. The point is that this speed is not good for the school and I need to take note of this.

With this blog I am seeking advise of all the readers, that what should I be doing to overcome this hurdle in the development of the school. Please feel free to comment.

Sanjeev Singhai


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