Niche Marketing

On 17th Feb 2011 in my blog post “Advantages of Sickness and Niche Marketing,” I took very unusual way to explain the Niche Marketing. Today once again while watching “Comedy Night with Kapil” I realised that how one can get instant success if one is able to identify the right niche for himself and deliver it to his audience. Kapil Sharma with his talent and ability to create a TV show in Comedy Zoner overnight became popular among the Indian audience and became highest TRP TV show leaving behind big-budget shows.

This applies to business opportunities available around us too. In financial turmoil like today’s when more and more people are losing a job and are forced to turn to be at their own and also when new generation not hesitating experimenting newer areas, niche opportunities and their proper marketing can lead to instant success.

I see as one of those areas and wish that this website too will soon get a momentum.

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