Indian food culture has always been a mystery for most of the global food giants and they have been trying to decode it for decades. No wonder they often fail when it comes to New Food Product development and hence most of the food companies yet has minor presence in India. Every food company came to India with their legacy of westernized food culture and most of them miserably failed. The key reason they don’t understand Indian food habits and Indian taste buds. I only rate Mc Donald’s as successful as they entered Indian Market with a very clear thought process and realising that they can’t survive in India without Vegetarian Menu. So they invented two unique products for India – Mc Alloo Tikki and Mc Veggi Burger, two products which are great success in Indian market and yet wait to be included in McD’s global product offerings.

But my today’s blog is resultant of recently launched product by Pizza Hut. To expand their menu Pizza Hut came of with new product idea – Birizza which is being made available in 3 variants – Veggie, Paneer and Chicken. I immediately google searched and lead to Yum Brands (the company which owns Pizza Hut and KFC). And found what for brand Pizza Hut stands for (click here to read more).Birizza India

Most of the people may say smart move by Pizza Hut but I see some serious marketing and branding flaws. Here are some of the reasons why I feel this is not smart move:

1. People go to Pizza Hut to eat Pizzas and not to have Indian cuisine, Right?

2. Wouldn’t experimenting with Pizzas been a better option for Pizza Hut? Like today we get fusion Dosas – American Choupsy Dosa or Dosa Manchurian.

Birizza Sl3. Isn’t Pizza Hut loosing their brand essence of being a Pizza Company?

4. What if product doesn’t gain enough traction down the line, won’t it have any negative impact on the health of brand Pizza Hut?

5. They have similar product name Birizza in Sri Lanka too for a product which is very different product (see the photo on left). What impact this can have in time to come?

6. Yum Brands miserably failed in India with their another brand KFC due to wrong product offering and lack of Indian food habits. They  still struggle to survive in India. Is Yum Brands doing same mistake again?

Answers to all these question only time will give to us.

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