By: Sanjeev Singhai

Negative impact of celebrity endorsement is always a subject which is denied by advertising agencies. No wonder in spite of such negative impact of celebrity association with brand they try selling the goodness of celebrity to save skin and convince brands to keep using the celebrity. Some time back I came across one such print advertisement. I immediately took the photo of the advertisement thinking it to cover this aspect in one of my blog post.

Sangini is a reputed Jewellery brand of India and released this advertisement in February as Special Offer on Valentine Day featuring Sanjay Datta, an infamous Bollywood actor.

In this advertisement Sanjay Dutt appeared with his wife as couple. At the time of release of this advertisement Sanajy Dutt was spending his time in prison for illegally buying and possessing weapon like AK47 and for his involvement in Terror activity in 1993 Mumbai Blast case. Though Dutt fraught a long legal battle and remained unpunished for a long time and during trial period he gave many hit Bollywood Movies but eventually he was sent for rigorous imprisonment by highest court of the country.

Such association of brand not only harms the brand but also present brand as careless brand with no social responsibility as they indirectly presenting the fact that being criminal it’s can be cool and one can still lead a Page3 life. I certainly condemn any such brand association and feel such association surly comes at huge negative cost to brands.

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