Mobile Operator Agnostic Smartphone of Amazon

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Mobile Operator Agnostic Smartphone of Amazon?: What one needs, when one wants to bring new product to market?

A good brand, sound reputation with consumers, infrastructure for customer care, excellent & flawless distribution system and a management which has vision and capability to aim, execute and deliver.

Amazon’s Kindle brand is perfect recipe for a smartphone which may soon rock the world and news of Amazon preparing to launch a mobile phone which also offers Amazon Content is heartening. I bought Kindle Dx almost 2 years back and I love it as its best value for money.

While mobile carriers/ operators are busy building numbers and mobile handset manufacturer are busy producing the cell phone boxes, I guess there lies a huge scope and potential for seamless consumer experience for the devices which are agnostic to mobile operators and platforms. It is learnt from Internet that the new smartpnone will be branded as Amazon Blaze.

Amazon with Kindle, has proven that their e-reader and Android tablet can work on any carrier to offer seamless consumer experience. Can they build a phone too in their carrier agnostic device and will the mobile operators get in a deal with Amazon to offer consumers mobility as they roam between different networks for not only downloading the content but to talk too?

I guess answer to this question will get unrevealed soon. And I will look forward buying second device from Amazon.

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