I always say that its important that we commit mistakes. And mostly people are amazed when they hear me saying this and usually take my comment very casually without understanding the meaning of the same. For me committing mistakes mistakesis important part of our learning process. What is important, is to be watchful about them and  ensure that we are not repeating mistakes. Intelligent people never repeats their mistakes and after committing one mistake they are very watchful for the next mistake. But on the hand, person who has casual attitude commits same mistake again and again. And that is why it is said “only fools repeats mistakes.” At work place committing mistake repeatedly hampers our career adversely and superiors take the serious note about them and which often get reflected in their appraisals.Another reference which is very close to this is topic is about that how you feel about the mistakes committed. We need to have a positive and serious attitude about our mistakes. That will make us watchful. Casual attitude makes us to commit the mistake repeatedly and often we get affected adversely or get harmed.I came across many people who starts feeling guilty after committing mistake and will develop a regretful attitude. Usually that becomes deterrent in such people growth.

But few people, very strongly feel guilty about the mistakes which are committed by them unknowingly (not getting involved in the argument that all mistakes are committed unknowingly) and they will regret on their behavior for a very long period. I say we must not feel guilty for such mistakes which we committed unknowingly and must move on with life.

It’s very important that we take a note of each mistake or goof up which we commit and must take a conscious decision that how we want to feel on them or what made us to commit that particular mistake.


Sanjeev Singhai: 06/02/2011.


  1. Payal Ayush

    During my corporate career I always killed myself on the mistakes I made so much so that my bosses didn’t even pointed out coz I was so quick identifying them.
    I did try not to repeat some I repeated anyways:)

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