McDonald’s India: Burgered! Really?

McDonald’s India: Burgered! Can McDonald’s come out of the present crisis without its image getting deeply fried?

McDonald’s India

Above is today’s Brand Equity lead story on the recent ongoing crisis of the McDonald India business. Rajiv Singh’s written Article seems to be an immature comment on the situation. Appears writer is wholly misplaced with his thought process and has applied all the marketing logic wrong, though he has used Philip Kotlar’s quotes to justify his opinions. I hope it’s not a paid smear campaign to malign the McDonald’s India reputation? None of the logic in the article is making sense or getting co-related to the subheading of the article.


Brand Owners in fight and Brand falling short with product promises with consumers are two separate topics/ issues and can’t be seen in the same light. Maggie fiasco is not old and is a classic case of controversy around the brand and could have impacted the brand’s relationship with consumers. But yet, within no time, Maggie could bounce back due to brand trust and the strong bond they enjoy with consumers of India.

Rule Number 1: Writer has completely missed on quoting three Fs of marketing. McDonald’s is known to be Fast, Flexible, and Friendly to consumers, and often they are cited as an example when it comes to living three F’s in day to day management of the business. It seems with his opinions the writer is trying to cook a controversy out of nothing.

Rule Number 2: Isolated incidents of quality are painted as a bleak picture and negative impact on McDonald’s India brand reputation. It again has nothing to do with the current ongoing infighting between owners of the brand. It seems the way the article is being written, misquotes Madhurima Bakshi, Director CPRL to the context. On the other hand, CRPL has taken serious note of the violation in the supply chain, took corrective measures, and suspended licensees of 43 franchise outlets.

Customization is a way of life in today’s world. “Different Stroke for different people” has been the core of the McDonald’s India launch plan. That’s why putting aside their global product offerings; they designed a completely new and different product range for India – “Aloo Tikki Burger” and Veggie Burger.” One won’t find these two products on McDonald’s menu elsewhere in the world but then India. These two products are McDonald’s India flagship SKUs and contribute maximum revenue.

The writer has forgotten that there is no competition for McDonald’s burgers in this country. Any other burger which is being sold in India is sold on the back of McD burger’s brand reputation. Consumers orders other burgers, thinking of McD burger. Also, the fact is that there is no one (competition) equipped to take McDonald’s India place. Consumers hunt for McDonald’s outlet in this country, and closure of few stores won’t impact a dime to the reputation of McDonald’s India. The moment the storm is over and new stores start popping up (or old stores revived), consumers will return to the store.

Read the brand equity article here: Burgered!

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